Co-Curricular Activities

“A variety of activities – literary, cultural and sports are conducted throughtout the year of the children to cater to the diverse skills and interests of the students. Prizes are awarded to a wide spectrum of students, hence encouraging them to strive to excel.
Seminars in Social Science, Science and Environmental Studies, Debates in English and Hindi, Speech Presentations and Poetry Recitations in English and Hindi are conducted annually. Other Literary Activities like Poetry Writing Fest, Singing, Dancing, Painting, Collage, Pot Painting and many other competitions are conducted on a large scale.
Workshops are conducted by professionals in Scientific Study, Creativity, Puppetry, Theatre, Reading enrichment, Story-telling, Story weaving and Narration, Calligraphy, Western Instrumental Music, Personality Development, Life Skills program and Creative Games on a regular basis. Students are given ample opportunities to attend nature camps and involve in gardening and health club activities.”