Secretary's Message


Behind all that we see is a Power at work sustaining pushing, propelling, evolving ... upholding all in its wide arms!
Go into the deep forests or on to the high mountains, go where there is no mental man-made interference, there is only Nature : sheer sky, stretching trees, shimmering rivers ... and you will feel a Presence that overwhelms and envelopes you, a Presence unspeakable but definitely felt by you.
At night if you go somewhere far away where there are no street - lights, no city - lights, no touch of urban life... you will feel the immense blue - black night spread over your head. You will feel a Presence out there in the darkness, under the vast canopy of the arching starry sky. A Presence that almost throbs !
There is a Force, a Supreme Force that surrounds us and inhabits us. It is engulfed in the vast Movement of Time. Perhaps it is Time. Space too is its own solid form!
This Force is our direct link with the Supreme. We are its product. It is our Source and our Goal. We are its field of action. It works in us. It moves unstoppably towards the highest Perfection of Being. This is the Evolutionary Force. This Force is our life. It expresses itself through our joy and laughter, through our fears and tears ! This Divine Force is the ultimate All-Beautiful : Sat - Chit - Anand : Sachchidananda. Our Lord Sri Aurobindo speaks of it as Existence - Consciousness - Bliss.
To gradually become conscious of this Soul - Power in us, through all our life-activities would be our real inner education!
Let us pray to Lord Sri Aurobindo and the Supreme Divine Mother to open our inner eyes, our inner vision, our inner senses and feelings, so that we slowly but surely become aware of this Great Divinity that permeates this magnificent Universe.
Lots of love to all my dear Students. Let your future be bright and beautiful, shining like the Sunlight, with Joy unending and Knowledge unlimited. Let the Future smile on each one of you with prosperity, progress and great achievements for your own self and for humanity.
Bright Children of Mother India, you are the true makers of a Beautiful, Powerful, spiritual New India.

Ms. Aditi Vasishtha